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Project management and coordination for a long-lasting partnership and trust. PROMT has delivered a wide range of projects within the sectors of plant relocation, plant engineering and mechanical design.

We have the expertise, technology and engineering skills to provide complete systems and ingenious solutions – wherever it is required in the world.

2011–2012 – Russia

Customer: Confindential
Assignment: Plant engineering

Relocation of bleaching line: feasibility study, mill-mapping and basic engineering.



2011 – Miranda, Spain & Vallvik, Sweden

Customer: Rottenros AB
Assignment: Plant engineering

NCG boiler relocation from Spain to Sweden for new installation on site at Vallvik mill, Sweden. Complete plant design including process, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrument.



2010 – Norway & Sweden

Customer: Barilla Sverige AB
Assignment: Plant relocation / plant engineering

Complete mill-mapping, marking of equipment, basic and detailed engineering, dismantling, packing and transport. Installation of complete production line at the new site.  Supplying of new switchgear (100 motors), new cabling including field boxes and a new control system based on Siemens S7-300. PROMT also added some new process equipment, erected and finally started up the production line.


2009 – Russia

Customer: SCA Hygiene Products Russia
Assignment: Feasibility study

“Ladoga” project: feasibility study, identifying costs and recommending different alternatives for rebuild of the existing recycled fibre line to be able to increase production capacity and be able to use lower recycled fibre quality, including a set of lists for equipment, layouts for each alternative, and flow sheets. 



2009 – Spain

Customer: Stora Enso, PalWaste Recycling SpA
Assignment: Engineering

Basic and detailed engineering for rebuild of waste paper system to avoid problem with metal material in the recycled fiber line, including feasibility study with report, civil guide drawings, equipment lists, outline drawings etc.



2009 – Sweden

Customer: SCA Hygiene Products AB
Assignmnet: Engineering

Rebuild of reject handling system after recycled fibre line including new dump screen, shredder, conveyors, magnetic separator etc. PROMT made process design, installation- and foundation drawings, pipe design and also provided installation supervision and CE-documentation.



2009 – Sweden & England

Customer: Bycotest
Assignment: Plant relocation

Relocation of one chemical plant from Sweden to England. The scope included mill-mapping, marking, basic engineering, dismantling, packing and transport.




2009 – Sweden

Customer: Fortum Service AB
Assignment: Plant engineering

Design of cooling water system for turbine and transformers.
New evacuation pump and oil detection system for hydro power plants.

Design of cooling water system for turbine and transformers.



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2009 – Kemijärvi, Finland & Norrsundet, Sweden

Customer: Stora Enso
Assignment: Plant relocation

Relocation of Kemijärvi O2- bleaching step (2 reactors) and one DD-washer to Stora Enso Skutskär, Sweden. Relocation of Norrsundet bleaching and washing plant.

2009 – Kemijärvi, Finland & Norrsundet, Sweden



2008 – Sweden

Customer: Structo Hydraulics AB
Assignment: Mechanical design

Design, manufacturing and delivery of a complete material handling system for hydraulic pipes. Included fully automated material transportation as well as interior cleaning, interior lubrication and packaging of the pipes.

Structo Hydraulics AB



2006 Vaggeryd, Sweden

Customer: Pakit
Assignment: Plant relocation

Mill-mapping, marking, dismantling, packing and shipment of moulded fiber line.




2004 - 2007 Quate, Algeria

Customer: Ouate Industrie Algeria
Assignment: Plant relocation / plant engineering

Second hand fluting machine from Germany including upgrading of capacity from 240 to 400 ton/24h. Change of quality to white top liner, liner, fluting and test liner.

PROMT's part of the project covered dismantling, mill-mapping, packing and shipment of PM from Germany to Algeria. We also were responsible for all engineering outside PM as; mill layout, plant layout, civil guide and detailed design of piping, electrical instrument, process and pipe design performed in PDMS.

Upgrading of the OCC system to one bottom ply line 360 ton/24h and one top ply line 120 ton/24h.

Ouate Industrie Algeria



2001 - Vinapimex, Binh An, Vietnam

Customer: Binh An Paper Mill
Assignment: Plant relocation/plant engineering

Relocation of a 45 000 ton/year, fine paper machine from
MD-Papier PM9 in Germany to Binh An, Vietnam.

Responsible for purchase of PM9 in Germany, dismantling and packing of machinery and transport of machinery. Engineering covered the new mill design, process, layout, piping, electrical and instrument.

Plant relocation/plant engineering



1997 – Qingzhou China

Customer: Confidential
Assignment: Plant relocation/plant engineering

Responsible for mill mapping, layouts, process, basic engineering and start-up services.

Relocation of Skoghall PM3 to China. New mill layout with PM-building, civil guide drawings, process design and civil guide drawings. Project co-ordination and start-up.

Plant relocation/plant engineering

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