Quality and environment

Promt has an operating system based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

Based on experience from completed assignments and feedback from our customers, Promt continuously maintains and develops its management system for Quality & Environment in order to ensure continuous improvement.

Improved quality and customer satisfaction in our assignments

The goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. All our projects are evaluated based on the following quality goals: Function, Acceptance, Budget, Environment and Time. For us, the hallmark of quality is when the customer returns to us with a new assignment.

Reduced environmental impact

Our overall environmental goal is to reduce our environmental impact in accordance with the 16 environmental quality goals decided by Sweden’s parliament in accordance with the UN’s global environmental goals.

Quality policy

Promt shall always strive to meet the stated requirements and implied expectations of our clients. We will deliver well-developed technical solutions to our clients that are based on our employees’ knowledge, experience and ability to solve problems.

The services we deliver must be of the required scope, of the right quality and within the stated time frames and financial frameworks.

Environmental policy

All employees at Promt must show environmental awareness and consideration, as well as respect for our environment.

We must comply with the laws and demands that apply to our assignments and meet the requirements that clients place on us, both in the assignment and in the daily operations at our workplaces.
Our clients conduct business where respect for the concepts of individual health and safety, and for the environment are central and a prerequisite for long-term development. As engineers, we must strive in our assignments to choose technical solutions that are safe, do not adversely affect the individual’s health and that have the least possible negative impact on our environment.

In the daily operations at our workplaces, we must choose products with an environmental profile and avoid products that have a negative environmental impact during their life cycle. Sorting of waste at source and recycling must be key concepts for every employee in the workplace out at our clients’ sites as well as at our own offices.