Plant design

Our customers are mainly in process industries such as the pulp and paper industry. This is an industry where we have a broad competence and an extensive network of contacts as we are located in the heart of Sweden’s paper production region and have our professional background from the pulp and paper industry.
But our field of work does not stop there. We also work with projects in most other industries.

The work of designing a process plant is a complex work in many steps. We take the project manager responsibility and run the work all the way, based entirely on your requirements and specifications.

Some examples of civil engineering projects that we can be responsible for:
  • Preliminary studies / evaluation of the process plant
  • Process design
  • Layout
  • Mechanical design
  • Tower and tank design
  • Steel design
  • Pipe design/MTO
  • Building layout
  • Relocation

Energy optimization

Keeping energy consumption and costs to a minimum is a must for everyone. First and foremost for the environment, but also for the company’s finances. We implement fundamental measures that create efficient energy use. We find opportunities for savings, ways to reduce emissions and solutions for increased efficiency. We undertake assignments both as an independent consultant or as a project manager within your business.

Feel free to challenge us

Are you unsure if we work with the type of project that you are planning? Or if our way of working really fits in with what you want to achieve? Feel free to challenge us – we are just a phone call or email away.