Plant design

We design all or parts of process industry projects, mainly in pulp and paper. The work takes place in close collaboration with you as the client, based entirely on your requirements specification.

Project management

Each project is unique, we have learned that after all our years in the industry. Therefore, you can also be completely confident that we will lead the project all the way, based on the conditions we have agreed on.

Relocation of process plant

Moving a process line or individual machinery can often be a good solution, seen from several perspectives. It can mean better economy, better use of resources and faster start of production, to give a few examples.

Cost study Tissue machine relocation

Cost analyse for relocation of one Tissue machine, country to country. Promt suggested how the relocation could be made including rebuild of process and a new layout. Promt made a cost analysis for the relocated Tissue machine including dismantling, transport, new mill layout, installation, and house as well as time schedule for mill mapping, dismantling, packing, transport, and reinstallation of the equipment. Cost calculations were made for:

  • Relocation
  • Installation
  • Pipes
  • Pumps (new)
  • Civil, new house including foundations
  • Electricity & Instrument mtr.
  • Control systems
  • Transport
  • Tanks (new)
  • Insulation